Denis Curry's research into flight in nature began with his Slade School study of the sculptural form and movement of wings.
William Coldstream encouraged ideas regarding the Art/Science interface, and Curry's graduate and postgraduate studies there in sculpture led him to the bio-mechanism of flight in insects, birds and pterosaurs.
This, with his special study of human and comparative anatomy, became a central theme.

'Manus' - the concept

image: sculpture of a swan taking off

"Powerstroke" bronze
Span 210 cms edn.9

Meetings with interested scientists, and study of research worldwide into wing kinetics, stimulated D.V. Curry's idea for a human-powered machine generating thrust by means of the wing movements. Propulsion from rest in still air was achieved by his prototype in the 70's. Analysis and development of the machine is in progress.
D.V. Curry states: "Propulsion from rest is a small but essential first step towards the accomplishment of flight in this mode. It is clear that application of the new smart materials/technologies could lead to improved performance, and the use of the prototype for research, sport and therapy."